PremaHome, Providing shelter and education for homeless, orphaned children in India  

A Teacher's Story

How long have you been in PremaHome?
I came here in 1989 as a young girl. I first studied until 12th standard. Afterwards I continued my studies and got my degree. I helped in the administration for some years and in 1999 joined the school as teacher.

How many children are attending the school?
Presently the number of children is 750, 600 are living in the home and 150 children come as day scholars from the surrounding villages.

How many teachers are working here and what is their qualification?
Totally we have a staff of 18 teachers. They all have their teacher's degree.

How are the results in the school?
Very good. Ours is the leading school in the entire area. We always have very high passing rates in the government exams.

Are there some extra classes for children with difficulties?
As the educational level of the children is very low when they come here, they need extra coaching. Therefore, every day after school, we give all children from the 1st to 9th standard one extra hour of coaching under the guidance of a teacher until 4.30 pm. The 10th standard receives two extra hours. We await the results of their first trimester exams to see on what subjects they need extra coaching. Before each exam the 10th standard students have study classes under the guidance of some teachers and further we organize extra classes on Saturdays if necessary.

What is the future plan of the school?
We got the governmental permission to start 11th and 12th standard. We are waiting for a new school building so that we can start this new school, so that our students will receive a complete 12-year education. Then we will also be able to increase the number of children we receive and teach.

Some educational toys were donated to the school. How are they being used?
Yes, they are being used as teaching aids. The children and also the teachers like it a lot and are really motivated.

What is your wish for the children?
I wish that these children receive a very good education and a good future. They should also learn good values such as honesty, truthfulness and self-confidence, brotherhood, unity of religions, good culture and a sense of humanity. In return, I hope they will spread what they have learned here to help other people and their country.

PremaHome, Providing shelter and education for homeless, orphaned children in India